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RK1 Goalkeeping Gloves

Since RK1's Goalkeeping gloves inception in April 2010, we have travelled great distances to improve the brands name,reputation and all round quality of its prodcuts.

There has been a total of 9 different glove models, some of which we have carried through to today's models. There are also GK glove bags, Glove Keyrings and Padded 3/4 length trousers. 

There has been many youth international,professional and semi professional goalkeepers, who have agreed to endorse RK1's Goalkeeping Gloves and its now our aim to keep adding to the endorsee list.
  • RK Roll Finger Goalkeeping Gloves
    Roll Finger Glove
  • RK1 Pro Ribbed Goalkeeping Glove
    Pro Ribbed Glove
  • RK1 Finger Protect Goalkeeping Gloves
    Elite Finger Protect Glove
  • RK1 3/4 GK pants
    3/4 GK Pants
  • RK1's Pro Blue Youth Training Glove
    Youth Training Glove
  • RK1's Pro Negative Cut Goalkeeper Glove
    Pro Negative Cut Glove
  • RK1's Elite Roll Finger Goalkeeper Glove
    Elite Roll Finger Glove
  • RK1's Fingertip Goalkeeping Glove
    FIngertip Glove
  • RK1's FInger Protect Goalkeeper Glove
    Finger Protect Glove
  • RK1 Whiteout Negative Roll Glove
    Whiteout Negative Roll Glove